5 Benefits of Hair Extensions

The benefits of hair extensions are endless.  When you think about adding them you say to to yourself "this is an extension of my beauty".  Using hair extensions is a great solution to get the style you dream of and more.

1. Instant hair change: short one day long the next with increased volume or long one day short the next with a tapered look.

2. Color change: black to blonde, blonde to black or a mixture which creates an ombre effect. 

3. Low maintenance: Let's be real.  Hair extensions give you an effortless polished look with half the styling time so you can spend time doing other things in the morning.  In addition hair extensions give your hair a break from styling tools and you can watch your hair grow! 

4. Different looks for different events: Hair extensions allow you endless possibilities for new looks when going to events. You can create a glamorous style, a polished full bun or an edgy look that accents your natural beauty.

5. Split ends do not exist: Hair look and feels so much healthier when you wear hair extensions. It doesn't negate care for your own hair but adds to your beauty while your hair rest and grows!

At Extensions of My Beauty you are guaranteed quality extensions that accent your beauty and last a long time. Our extensions are tangle free, do not collect oil and remain polished for weeks/months with proper care.

Shop with us today to begin the investment in your beauty regimen that you will be proud of!

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